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Some games are not working for me, what should I do?
if you're using PC, press ctrl+shift+delete, and then "clear data",
and then try opening the game again,
if that doesn't help, please contact us.
How do I access switch compatibility ?
While you are in a game, pressing the cog wheel icon on the upper left corner, will get you to the "settings" menu. On the settings menu you can choose using one or two switches.
What is my username and password?
When you first registered for the Ginger Tiger website and played during the free period you were requested to choose a username and password for your account. If you do not remember your username or password, You can find your username at: http://gingertiger.net/profile/ If this is your first time on Ginger Tiger website you need to register in order to play. Click on the “Free Trial” link and choose your own username and password.
How do I change my password?
If you forgot your password, you could click "Lost your password? " on the login page. Alternatively, you can enter the user profile settings at the bottom of the page and change the password there.
How do I start playing?
Once you have registered for the Ginger Tiger website you are welcome to start playing 7 days free, no charge.
I got to know the Ginger Tiger environment during the 7 days trial period. I want to subscribe. What should I do?
In order to keep playing, you need to go to the registration page, choose between Families, Kindergartens and school license and pay the annual fee using PayPal. This will give you a whole year of free access to all our games and activities
Can I cancel my subscription?
Notification of cancellation may be done via email. You may cancel your subscription within 7 days. No refunds will be given afterwards. Cancellation is subject to receiving written confirmation (from Ginger Tiger) stating that we have received the cancellation notification and the service has been cancelled.
I am not sure how I should play with my kid in a game. Do you have any guidance?
Each activity contains “info and tips” button on the upper left corner. There, you will find some tips on how to play, the skills that specific game develops and the goals you can set once playing. A cog wheel icon sending you to the settings options is also available. This icon enables the choice between different sizes of mouse’s cursor, background colors, one or two switches and more.
Why is it recommended to use a large mouse cursor?
A large cursor is used in order to help the user understand the connection between him moving the mouse and the feedback on the screen.
Will you add more activities and games to the existing variety?
Ginger Tiger is adding new games every few weeks. Our great variety will keep growing.
Kids at school love to play on the Ginger Tiger site. How can they enjoy the activities at home?
Site licenses can only be used within school premises. Parents who wish to have their kids play at home should subscribe for a single user license enabling them to play on their home devices.
Can I play the Ginger Tiger activities for free?
Ginger Tiger allows 7 days free subscription to get to know the environment and the way things work. During this period, all games and activities are open for you to play and enjoy.
I need more than 30 devices to be used in the same time in school. What should I do?
The Site licenses allows 30 devices to be used in the same time. In case you need more, you should contact us at [email protected] and we will give a specific quote to respond to your needs.
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